coloradocbdseed Announces Agreement With University of Florida

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(31 October 2019) coloradocbdseed a company owned by HM Health LLC, announced that it has signed an agreement to donate the patented feminized seeds of Abacus Early Bird, a cannabis strain known for its early maturity and vigorous growth, to the University of Florida UF for agricultural cannabis research.

The goal of the university’s research project is to understand how the Abacus Early Bird™ variety performs under the high humidity and temperature conditions that characterize different regions of Florida.

Marc Brannigan, CEO and co-founder of HM Health LLC, a graduate of the University of Florida, said It’s great to be involved in this University of Florida project and to be part of their cannabis research. We believe Early Bird ™ cannabis strains will perform well in both North and South Florida “.

Moisture content is a critical factor in cannabis cultivation. The success of a cannabis crop can be greatly influence by humidity, so it is essential to understand how certain cannabis strains will perform when grown outdoors in high-humidity areas of the country. Our goal is to produce crops that are resistant to disease and mold while maximizing plant health and yield.

The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) is internationally recogniz for its achievements in agricultural research. Their research into the performance of the Abacus Early BirdTM variety will be valuable to farmers who want to successfully grow in equally challenging climates, due to their facilities located in the diverse climatic conditions of Florida.

About Early Bird

Abacus Early Bird is a proprietary cannabis strain develop by Colorado CBD seed (HM Health LLC, also the owner of Hemp My Pet) for large-scale cultivation.

About HM Health LLC

coloradocbdseed is a boutique hemp breeding company in Loveland. Colorado focuses on growing rich full-spectrum genetics, including full-spectrum oils and unique tarpons suitable for smoked hemp flowers. The Colorado CBD Seeds is best known for introducing the original. Abacus hemp varieties and more recently the Abacus 2.0, Cherry Abacus. And Abacus Diesel varieties for the rapidly growing hemp industry. For more information, visit

About ColoradoCBDseed

ColoradoCBDseed is a Colorado company that grows organic hemp. They offer everything customers need, from seeds to CBD and everything in between. They sell carefully selected organic hemp genetics in the form of seeds and clones. Whether it’s a large-scale cultivation project or an indoor boutique, Colorado CBD seed can handle it all. Each of their cannabis plants is select for its unique characteristics and can offer a wide range of cannabis derivatives.


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