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You’re looking for a platform that offers free live sports streaming. Try if that’s the case. What your areas of interest are doesn’t matter. You can always locate websites that offer free streaming of the sports you wish to watch. Yes, I did say that you could watch all of these sports on the Methstream platform. But regrettably, it is no longer feasible. The website has shut down on its own accord due to copyright concerns. The good news is that the identical service is provided by a huge number of different websites. So read this article if you need our assistance with that.

10 Top Alternatives to MethStream

As a result, you may already be aware that MethStreams is not now functioning or accessible online. So, listed below are some of the best sports streaming websites you may use.


Follow CrackStreams if you want a suitable substitute for it where you can watch sports for free. NBA streaming is free on this site. MLB may also be streamed. You may also view a variety of sports, including NBA, UFC, MLB, NFL, MMA, WWE, etc.

No, CrackStreams does not directly stream any sports, just like it and other alternatives. Instead, they provide links to a variety of free streaming services provided by other parties.

These movies stream in crystal clear, high-definition, and without buffering. Some of the most popular streaming resolutions are available to you, including 720p, 1080p, and 4K HD. Additionally in this, you can choose subtitles in the language of your choice.

2. First Row Sports

If you enjoy watching sports like tennis, cricket, or the WWE, First Row Sports is one of its great substitutes. This is a fantastic free site for streaming sports including cricket, baseball, WWE, tennis, and football.

You may utilize First Row Sports to learn crucial details about various sports in addition to just watching them. This website also functions as a virtual scoreboard, showing daily stats and bonuses collected.


Many people who enjoy sports often watch some of the sports broadcast on ESPN. Try the ESPN website if you fall within this category. You do not need to hunt for legal ways to watch sports on this platform because it is legal to do so.

You will be able to stream a few of the most well-known sports, like baseball, American football, and basketball (NBA). At the moment, they also cover various other sports in addition to MMA and football. To start watching NBA or NFL, you’ll need your existing cable or TV subscription. You can watch free sports on ESPN using your smartphone, Pad, PC, or Mac.


May also refer to the USTVGO as a simplified version of 123TV as it is not just another substitute. if you watch the sports broadcast on Fox Sports, YES Network, or Olympic Channel for free if subscribe to those networks. You may watch sports on these many platforms thanks to USTVGO. You can also use the platform to find out when a certain game will be broadcast.

USTVGO offers access to 94 distinct channels for entertainment, kids, news, and more in addition to sports. You may access MSNBC, Nickelodeon, MTV, and other streaming content. As a result, our website may serve as a family’s one-stop entertainment destination.


There are several substitutes. Even one of them has a name with the famous Batman. So, if you enjoy both conventional and non-conventional sports, check out BatmanStreams. Sports may be amusing to watch. Equestrian sports, such as handball, fencing, and e-sports.

Although this website has a lot of streaming links, not all of them function. They might be hit or miss with some of them. While some of the Flash stream URLs are free to use, some require a membership. But you have to avoid about a million pop-up advertisements.


Do you watch cricket on MethStream? Are you trying to figure out where to watch Cricket now that it is down? The simple response to that query is CrickFree. Using this site, you may watch Cricket for free. You may watch the NFL, NBA, Cricket, Baseball, Boxing, WWE, Formula 1, and MotoGP in addition to Cricket.

However, you will have to deal with pop-ups and advertisements if you use this substitute. However, employing ad-blocking extensions with your website will make them easier for you to utilize.

7. BBC iPlayer

Try BBC iPlayer if you want to stream sports on a free, reputable service. It is among the most trustworthy streaming substitutes. In addition, there are many options for new and entertaining material. There is, however, one drawback to this platform. Only UK residents are permitted to purchase it. Therefore, you must get a UK-based IP address to utilize it.

Users get access to a variety of sports content including basketball, cycling, golf, soccer, and other sports. The website is well-structured, and the videos are often 4K resolution. However, from time to time, you could notice a regular dropping of streaming quality.

8. Fox Sports Go

Everyone is aware of Fox. Fox Go can even outperform it in terms of dependability and quality. They are also not disseminating streaming connections from outside sources. You can watch MLB, NBA, tennis, NFL, Premier League, F1, and boxing on this site.

Fox Sports Go is just like our earlier-mentioned platform, BBC iPlayer, in that it is only accessible to residents of the USA. You must utilize a VPN to use this streaming substitute. Both Android and iOS smartphones may easily run this website. Fox Sports Go, however, also functions nicely with a variety of gadgets, including Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, and others.


Choose JokerLiveSteam if you enjoy watching international sports. This is one of the top free sports streaming services to replace it. The most intriguing feature is a simple search bar that enables customers to seek the sports and games they want. An entertaining chat box is also part of the website’s user-friendly layout.

Through various on-platform streaming connections, you may watch your favorite sports. Football, NFL, Baseball, Basketball, Motorsport, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis, Handball, and Volleyball are just a few of the well-known sports that are aired on his website.

10. Stream2watch

You can count on Stream2Watch for free streaming of movies, TV shows, sports, and more. However, keep in mind that you must register on this website. You may view a variety of games after registration, including basketball, football, baseball, boxing, tennis, and cricket.

The fact that this website works with a variety of devices and operating systems is its strongest feature. It works with a variety of browsers as well. However, the platform’s advertising is a persistent source of annoyance.


Please be aware that we oppose the copyright act’s violence before using any of the websites. Some free streaming websites are linked to the unauthorized streaming of copyrighted content. Additionally, several privacy-related vulnerabilities might put users at risk.


This post has examined a few of the best sites similar to Methstream that offer respectable substitutes for free NFL live streams online. These platforms provide a variety of NFL streams to keep you engaged whether you’re an avid football fan or just want to catch a game. Share this list with your friends and let us know which alternative you found most helpful in the comments. Enjoy your stream!


Describe Metastream.

You may view online videos with friends using Methstream.

What is Metastream’s maximum capacity?

Users of METASTREAM can invite an endless number of individuals to see and participate in discussions.

Why won’t my Methstream work?

Metastream is not functioning.

Can I use Methstream on my phone?

There is no support for Metastream on these systems.

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