What is joinpd? Everything You Need To Know 2024

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Are you sick of the same old teaching techniques? Are you always looking for fresh and creative methods to engage your students? Join Pear Deck (PD), the best software for linking instructors with their students, is the answer. joinpd is a revolutionary technology that enables professors to design interactive classes, offer relevant feedback, and measure student progress.

The days of tedious lectures and passive learning are over. You can change your classroom and begin an exciting student-teacher experience with the Join Pear Deck. Do you want to learn everything there is to know about PD? This is the guide for you. We’ll learn everything there is to know about this incredible platform. So, let us begin our adventure!

What exactly is joinpd?

PD is an innovative, high-impact professional development program created particularly for educators like you. In today’s quickly changing educational world, it is critical to arm oneself with the tools and abilities required to survive. joinpd is here to help you with that.

PD provides a diverse choice of courses and resources designed by education and technology specialists to enhance your teaching and learning experience. PD will provide you with fresh ways and tactics that will revolutionize the way you teach. This platform stands out due to its significant emphasis on collaborative learning and continuing assistance. Its creators think that learning from and alongside your colleagues is the most effective approach to advancing as an educator.

You will be able to engage with a community of like-minded professionals who are enthusiastic about reforming education through its interactive courses and engaging materials.

PD is not just for teachers in the classroom. It addresses your specific demands as an administrator or other education professional.

Features of the Pear Deck

Here are some of the greatest things that Pear Deck has to offer!


The “draggable” feature in Pear Deck adds a dynamic and interactive dimension to your presentations. Incorporate drag-and-drop functionality for text boxes, images, and shapes, allowing your audience to actively contribute ideas, thoughts, or comments. Whether in a classroom or virtual setting, this tool enhances engagement and participation.


The text feature in Pear Deck makes it simple for teachers to construct engaging and interactive student lessons. Text boxes, labels, and other text components may be used in your presentations to provide students with information, directions, and questions.

Text boxes can provide clear and succinct instructions on activities and tasks to pupils. Additionally, these draggable features can be employed to pose a variety of questions, including open-ended, multiple-choice, true/false, and other formats.

Multiple Option

When it comes to measuring students’ comprehension and actively integrating them into their learning path, Pear Deck’s multiple-choice feature is a game changer.

This unique tool enables teachers to easily design multiple-choice questions with up to four response options.


If you’re bored of continually jumping between tabs and platforms throughout your lessons, Pear Deck’s online feature has you covered.

This tool allows you to seamlessly incorporate webpages and web-based materials into your presentations. You may provide your students with immediate access to essential information and resources without leaving the Pear Deck lecture.

You may change the preview by altering the size and location of the embedded information to ensure that it exactly suits your lesson.


For educators seeking to orchestrate lessons that transcend the ordinary, this tool emerges as a virtuoso’s instrument. It orchestrates dynamic and captivating classes by seamlessly integrating interactive elements, transforming students into active participants in the symphony of learning.

Through the draw tool, teachers unlock a canvas where students paint, write, and annotate, creating an immersive educational masterpiece that transcends traditional boundaries. This encourages creativity and participation while also providing students with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their grasp of the content.


The “number” function of PD is ideal for educators looking to build dynamic and interesting classroom experiences.

Students can respond to questions with numerical values, allowing you to swiftly and quantitatively assess their level of knowledge.

How can I become a member of Pear Deck?

Let’s dissect it.

Make a joinpd account.

  • The first step is to go to peardeck.com.
  • At this point, pick the “Teacher Login” option.
  • When prompted, sign in to your Microsoft Office 365 or Google account and answer a few questions.
  • Finally, add the Pear Deck for Online PowerPoint Add-in to your computer. Install the Pear Deck for Google Slides add-on as well.

Make your slides.

With the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on or the Pear Deck for PowerPoint Online Add-in, craft engaging presentations seamlessly within Google Slides or PowerPoint Online.

The steps are as follows:

  • Begin a new Slides presentation or clone an existing interactive pre-made Orchard presentation. You are allowed to use it in any way you see appropriate.
  • Include in your presentation ready-made slide templates or personalized interactive questions.
  • Deliver your lesson and encourage student participation.
  • To view students’ names in your sessions, you must need them to check in using their email address. Turn off the email login if you want them to join anonymously. This may be done using the sidebar menu or your Settings page.
  • Open the presentation in PowerPoint Online now. You may also use Google Slides to open it.
  • Use the Pear Deck Add-on in Google Slides or the Add-in in PowerPoint Online to open the Pear Deck sidebar.
  • Next, select Start Lesson to begin presenting a session.
  • Select either student-paced or instructor-paced mode in the pop-up box.
  • To invite students to your lesson, you may use a five-letter code or a link. They can use the code or click on the link to join at joinpd.com. When you begin an instructor-paced lesson, the joining instructions will display.
  • Close the Join Instructions and hover over the bottom of the slide to open the Navigation Bar to begin the lesson on your projector view. Then, using the controls, start the lesson.

How can I register as a Teacher on joinpd?


You, as the instructor, have the authority to decide whether students can attend your sessions using their email accounts or without exposing their names.

The login options you select will be applied to all subsequent sessions. If you block student login and enable anonymous joining, you will not be able to obtain their names or email addresses in any subsequent sessions you present.

You can, however, activate student login at any moment to resume collecting email addresses and names.

To register as a teacher on joinpd, do the following steps:

  • First and foremost! Go to joinpd.com.
  • Next, click the “Log In” button. It’s at the upper right corner of the page.
  • Next, make a note of your email address and password.
  • Finally, click the “Log In” button.

You will see your PD dashboard after logging in. You may create and manage Pear Deck classes, see how students performed, and do other things from this page.

How can I log in to joinpd as a student?

Students can access PD by completing the following steps:

  • Go to joinpd.com to learn more.
  • Make a note of the join code or session URL given to you by your mentor.
  • If your teacher requires you to utilize email, you must enter your email address.
  • Click the “Join” button. That’s all!

What is the Join Code for Pear Deck?

Pear Deck Join Codes act as personalized passports, granting students access to the enchanting realm of interactive learning crafted by their teachers. With a distinct charm of 6 to 8 characters, these codes, a harmonious blend of letters, digits, or both, become the keys to unlocking the door to a Pear Deck session.

Students embark on this journey by visiting the joinpd website, where they input the bespoke Join Code bestowed upon them by their instructor, unveiling a world of collaborative education.

This enables users to view the Pear Deck slides, participate in Pear Deck activities, and ensure that only approved students may attend the session.

How Do I Generate a joinpd Code?

You may create a PD code by following these steps:

  • First, go to the PD website.
  • After that, sign in to your instructor account.
  • Press the “Create” button at this point.
  • Select the type of Pear Deck lesson you wish to produce.
  • It’s time to give your Pear Deck lesson a name and a description.
  • Then click the “Create” button.

Your joinpd code will be shown on the screen.

Pros of Pear Deck

  • It is simple to use for both teachers and students.
  • It allows teachers to create interesting and intriguing classes.
  • Gives teachers current information on pupil understanding.
  • Promotes peer-to-peer activities and assignments among pupils.
  • Allows teachers to personalize education for each student by altering degrees of aid and difficulty.
  • Open to all students, regardless of educational method or level of competency

Is Pear Deck a Social Platform?

Pear Deck is, indeed, an interactive platform that allows teachers to develop and deliver interesting courses to their pupils. It’s cloud-based and works on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.


PD, a comprehensive online learning management system, is a game changer for both professors and students, allowing them to communicate in an orderly and smooth manner. What’s the best part? It is completely free! You may enjoy a variety of possibilities without paying any money.

If you want to take your teaching to the next level, you may upgrade to one of the joinpd premium plans, which unlock a plethora of advanced tools. So, why delay? Join the thousands of instructors worldwide who have found the potential of Pear Deck.