A Guide to the Different Types of Shoulder Surgery

types of shoulder surgery
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Imagine you wake up in a hospital room with a dull ache in your shoulder. You’re told by the doctor that you need surgery, but you have no idea what type of procedure you’ll be undergoing.

As panic starts to set in, you wish you had done some research beforehand. Don’t let this happen to you.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the different types of shoulder surgery to help you understand what might involved in your own procedure. Read on!

Rotator Cuff Repair

A vital collection of tendons and muscles that surround the shoulder joint and enable arm mobility is known as the rotator cuff. These tendons and muscles are susceptible to damage from trauma or normal wear and tear, which can cause discomfort and limited arm movement. A surgical procedure call rotator cuff repair is used to heal these torn tendons and muscles.

People often need this procedure when they have a torn rotator cuff, which is frequently cause by an accident or the slow consequences of age. Rotator cuff repair surgery may require to treat these difficulties and restore appropriate shoulder function if you find it difficult to lift your arm, suffer discomfort when moving your arm, or hear clicking sounds in your shoulder.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure. Surgeons use a tiny camera and small instruments to diagnose and treat shoulder problems without making large incisions.

Arthroscopy can use for various shoulder issues. This includes removing damaged tissue, repairing ligaments, or treating conditions like frozen shoulders. It often leads to faster recovery times and less scarring compared to traditional open surgery.

Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder replacement or shoulder arthroplasty is the replacement of damage parts of the shoulder joint using artificial components that are made of metal or plastic. This procedure is delicate and complex. You must find the best orthopedic that you can trust if you need to undergo this procedure.

This surgery is usually for people with severe arthritis in their shoulder joint or who have had a bad fracture. It can relieve pain, improve function, and restore a range of motion. It’s like giving your shoulder a new lease on life.

Labrum Repair

The labrum is a ring of cartilage in your shoulder joint that helps stabilize it. Labrum repair surgery fixes tears or damage to this cartilage.

Injuries to the labrum often happen in athletes or from accidents. Symptoms include pain, a popping sensation, or a feeling of instability in your shoulder. Repairing the labrum can help prevent future shoulder dislocations and reduce pain.

Biceps Tendon Repair

The biceps tendon connects your biceps muscle to the bone in your shoulder. If this tendon is torn or damage,it can affect your arm’s strength and movement. Biceps tendon repair surgery fixes this issue.

Injuries to the biceps tendon can occur from overuse or sudden injury. You might experience weakness in your arm or a noticeable bulge in your upper arm. This surgery can help restore your arm’s strength and function.

Explore These Types of Shoulder Surgery

Both patients and medical professionals must, in fact, have a solid awareness of the many kinds of shoulder surgery. Knowing the facts about these procedures may enable people to make wise healthcare decisions, whether it’s for a rotator cuff repair, complete shoulder replacement, or any other operation.

To review the alternatives and choose the best course of action to relieve shoulder discomfort and enhance overall shoulder function, speak with a trained shoulder surgeon if you or someone you know is thinking about having shoulder surgery. Schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider to discuss the best treatment choices for your unique circumstances and stop letting shoulder discomfort limit your quality of life.

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