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Have you heard of That Which Flows by Manhwa a well-known Korean webtoon? If yes, you’re going to discover something amazing. This series of romantic fantasies will take you to a realm of magic and adventure. You follow Yeon, a princess with unexplained abilities to control energy flow, as she negotiates the intrigue of the palace and meets an enigmatic magician who looks past her status as a royal.

You’ll be reading voraciously in no time to see whether Yeon can perfect her talent and discover love at the same time. That Which Flows will captivate your attention with its vibrant artwork, nuanced characters, and lighthearted touches. Thus, why do you delay? Take a deep breath and let the tale engross you. Later on, you can thank us!

Overview Of That Which Flows by Manhwa

The popular Korean manga series That Which Flows is set in a magical, adventure-filled fantasy realm.

The Story

The plot centers on Yeon, a teenage water magician who wants to improve his abilities and joins a guild. Yeon was born with a natural gift for magic, particularly water manipulation. He goes to the Gilde, a realm where magically gifted individuals test their prowess and go on adventures.

  • Yeon teams up with the earth mage Jueki, the fire mage Lisesharte, and the upbeat but easily agitated female. Together, they set out on guild missions and use their elemental skills to help the villagers.
  • Yeon is brave and compassionate; always ready to lend a hand to those in need. He may heal teammates and attack opponents with his water magic.
  • Lisesharte is tough and unyielding. She can use her fire magic for protection as well as attack.
  • Jueki is compose and sensible. With the use of his earth magic, he can control the ground, erecting obstacles or imprisoning adversaries.

Together, the three explore new places, go on adventures, and neutralize threats to the realm. It’s likely to delight fantasy and adventure readers to join Yeon and his friends on their adventures in the magical world of That Which Flows. This is a fun Manhwa for readers of all ages because of the vibrant artwork and endearing characters.

It is the perfect new series to start if you’re searching for something captivating. This fanciful Manhwa has heart, comedy, and magic—everything you need for an enjoyable trip to a different planet.

The Story And Principal Figures Of That Which Flows

The protagonist of the tale is Yuri, a young girl who perceives “lines of flow”—a symbol of fate and destiny—all around her. She has the power to alter people’s destinies by manipulating these lines. She frequently has to deal with unanticipated consequences of her acts, though, and fights with the moral implications of altering fate.


The protagonist, Yuri is a high school student who possesses the ability to perceive people’s lines of flow and influence their fate from birth. Though she questions the morality of controlling fate, she wants to use her skills to benefit others.


It is Yuri’s childhood companion, whose fate she frequently modifies to keep him safe. Though he doesn’t know it, he has a great affection for Yuri. His stream of flow is frequently twisted, indicating that disaster has plagued his existence.

The Lines of Flow

A person’s destiny is represent by the Lines of Flow. These threads, which seem like tangled, colorful strands encircling a person, are only visible to Yuri. Yuri can alter someone’s future course for the better or worse by adjusting the strands.

Yuri’s Ability

Yuri’s Capabilities give her the ability to clear someone’s path, reroute them, or even cut off their flow. Every time she alters her destiny, though, there are unanticipated repercussions. Even with the best of intentions, she begins to wonder if she should control other people’s destiny.

Moral Dilemmas

The fundamental themes of the narrative are moral dilemmas. Yuri is trouble the morality of altering fate, even if she wants to help everyone around her. She has to deal with the unanticipated consequences of her actions every time she modifies fate. Yuri questions if she should utilize her talent at all.

Why Fans Love That Which Flows by Manhwa

There are a few reasons why Manhwa That Which Flows fans adore this action-packed series:

Engaging Narrative And Personas

The narrative centers on Mia, a seemingly typical high school student who finds out she possesses enigmatic abilities related to shadows. Readers are drawn into Mia’s complex relationships with both friends and enemies, as well as her path of self-discovery, as she manages this new gift and wicked forces that seek to use it for evil. The story is made richer by the well-developed supporting cast and Mia, who is a likable and relatable protagonist.

Edgy And Dark Tone

A lot of Manhwa fans like the dark, gritty tone of That Which Flows. It retains its realistic feel while adding a supernatural touch thanks to the villains and shadow powers. Readers take pleasure in following Mia as she navigates morally dubious situations and deadly threats. This tone is wonderfully complemented by the dark, stylized graphic style.

Drama and Nerves

The action-packed battle scenes, thrilling chase scenes, and thrilling revelations in That Which Flows keep readers on the edge of their seats. The book goes quickly. This series has an unputdownable sense of suspense and danger due to the plot’s continuous turns and the continual threat of criminals finding out Mia’s secret. Each volume of the Manhwa concludes on a cliffhanger, leaving you excitedly anticipating the next release.

Enticing Artistic Style

That Which Flows’ elegant, gloomy visual aesthetic goes perfectly with the narrative’s tone. Character designs are visually appealing but realistic, and action scenes are fluid and dynamic. The artwork is further refined by little elements like the use of screen tone and unique effects for Mia’s shadow powers. For the duration of the series thus far, the artwork has been of a consistently excellent caliber.

In general, That Which Flows by a combination of an engrossing narrative, nuanced characters, a somber tone, action, tension, and exquisite artwork makes it easy to understand why the book has garnered such a devoted fan base. Almost any reader can find something to love in this Manhwa.

Where to Read Online Flowing Texts

You can read That Which Flows online in a few different ways. Here are a few of the best choices:


It is an established website that hosts comics, and it publishes a lot of manhwa like That Which Flows. That Which Flows is available for free on Webtoon, where you can also keep up with the author’s current updates and chapters as they are publish. By downloading its app, you can read Webtoon on your mobile device.


Another website where you may read That Which Flows is Mangakakalot. You can read them all at once to catch up because they have all the chapters available. There are some advertisements on the website, thus using an ad blocker is advice. That Which Flows can be read and followed via their mobile app, Manga Rock.


Manhwa and manga from KissManga, a long-running manga site, including That Which Flows. Not long after they are released on Webtoon, they regularly update with the most recent chapters. KissManga is compatible with desktop and mobile devices. Though occasionally some chapters could load a little slowly, all in all, it’s a trustworthy way to read your favorite manhwa.


Mangakakalot is another website where you may read That Which Flows. They have all the chapters available, so you may read them all at once to catch up. The website contains some ads, thus it’s recommended to use an ad blocker. Through their mobile app, Manga Rock, readers may also read and follow That Which Flows.

When Does That Which Flows’ Season 2 Come Out?

The first season of That Which Flows concluded quite some time ago, and viewers are curious about the release date for the second season. Regretfully, the premiere date has still not been formally announced. We can, however, estimate quite well based on the production schedule of prior seasons.

Twelve episodes from Season 1 ran from April to June of 2021. Season 2 should be released in 2022 at roughly the same time if the producers stick to the same timeline. Many performances experienced production delays due to the COVID-19 epidemic, thus some wiggle room may be needed in the schedule.

A Few Things To Remember

  • Producing animated television often takes a lengthy time. The animation and graphics of That Which Flows are of extremely high quality, requiring more effort and money.
  • For the animators to have enough chapters to adapt, the manga source material must continue to progress. There are very few updated chapters remaining from the conclusion of season 1 as of early 2022. There will soon be more chapters accessible as the manga releases a new chapter every week.
  • Talent such as composers of music, voice actors, and others must be planned. An animated production’s many moving components require considerable planning and patience to coordinate.
  • In the months preceding the premiere, there will be an increase in marketing and promotion for the upcoming season. Watch the show’s official social media accounts for teases, trailers, character announcements, and other information.

Final word,s

That’s the lowdown on the well-known Korean webcomic that which Flows by manhwa. You are now prepared to delve into the pages of this epic fantasy series, having completed your introduction to its characters, plot, and universe. This manhwa features intricate writing, lovely artwork, and likable characters, so it’s sure to appeal to all readers. That Which Flows will transport you to a magical and adventurous world whether you’ve read other books in the genre before or not. Why do you wait? It’s time to discover the cause of the excitement and let the narrative captivate you. You won’t be sorry you took a chance on this inventive story.


Is That Which Flows appropriate for people of all ages?

The Manhwa does contain [name any material warnings], even though it is generally appropriate for [name age group]. It is advised that readers consider their options.

Is an anime adaptation of That Which Flows in the works?

There aren’t any official announcements about an anime version as of yet. Check back with [name official sources] for any updates regarding capacity variances.

How can I communicate with the fan network for That Which Flows?

Getting involved on message boards, social media sites, or [name certain platforms] is a great way to meet other enthusiasts. Talk to the network about your thoughts, theories, and experiences.


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