Targeting Acne: Breaking Down Why Azelaic Acid Is a Blemish Buster

Azelaic Acid
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There are a few different compounds that dermatologists recommend for acne, and they all have clinical benefits that make them good choices for the right situations. Azelaic acid has some unique properties that make it exceptional not only for treating breakouts but for preventing them as well, so for many an over-the-counter cream can be a useful supplement to any other acne prevention methods they have tried.

Preventing and Treating Breakouts

Azelaic acid cream is often prescribed by dermatologists for acne because of its ability to help prevent breakouts instead of just treating them. Since it has demonstrat to beneficial for both conditions, doctors frequently continue to prescribe it to prevent more breakouts if it is recommended to treat a severe case of acne. While over-the-counter strength creams between 10 and 14% are also highly beneficial, numerous research indicates that prescription strength creams are over 15%.

How Azelaic Acid Works

Azelaic acid belongs to a unique group of substances known as dicarboxylic acids, which have therapeutic uses. It helps with various disorders, including acne, by reducing skin redness and edema. It is also helpful for acne since it inhibits the formation of keratin and eliminates the germs that cause outbreaks. Keratin overproduction is associate with acne breakouts. This compound is so useful as a redness reducer that many supplements for hyperpigmentation use it, not just those designed for acne treatments. You can find azelaic acid in the ingredients for many blemish reducers and complexion evening creams.

The Results Speak for Themselves

You can see reduced redness and swelling within a day or two of use for most azelaic acid creams. And from there, it is easy to track how acne recedes with regular use. Many dermatologists and manufacturers of these creams make before and after photos available. Precisely to show how well the results speak for themselves.

Azelaic acid cream is not a new innovation or an experimental one, it is a staple skincare product that was only available in prescription strength for a while, and it has now become widely accessible in over-the-counter varieties that are slightly less potent but still very effective. The reason it is so effective is because it treats the root causes of acne as well as the symptoms. Many other products address single issues like redness and swelling while leaving you to go to another. Separate products like a cleanser for bacteria removal.

These creams are no replacement for cleansers, but they are an additional layer of help. Just as hair supplements are often an additional layer of protection and hair care beyond regular conditioner. They both address the same issue, but neither is a replacement for the other, and they often work best together.

Choosing the Right Azelaic Acid Strength

Over-the-counter formulas run up to 14% strength. And studies have shown strong correlations between reduced redness and acne breakouts in lower-strength formulations as well as high-strength ones. So how do you choose? Many consumers start with a mid-strength over-the-counter option and then monitor the results. If it works but not completely, then you can always talk to a doctor about prescription-strength options. Start your search today to find the right azelaic acid cream for your acne prevention routine.