5 Signs of Soldier Termites (and What to Do About It)

soldier termites
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Did you know that most pests will cause health issues once they are in your home?

You might only realize you have a pest problem once it’s too late. Once pests set up shop in your home, it may be tough to get rid of them. Once they’re in, they could also breed at a rapid pace.

Termites are no exception. But how can you tell if you have soldier termites in your home?

Keep reading to learn about some signs of soldier termites and what to do about them!

1. Appearance of Mud Tubes

One telltale sign of soldier termites is the presence of mud tubes, also known as shelter tubes. These are small tunnels made out of dirt and saliva.

They are about the width of a pencil and can run along walls, foundations, and even up the sides of trees. This serves as a highway for the worker termites to travel and bring food back to the colony.

If you notice these mud tubes, it is vital to take action immediately to prevent further damage to your home. This could include calling a professional pest control service, such as BREDA Pest Management. They assess and treat the infestation and make any necessary repairs to keep the termites from entering your home.

2. Holes in Wood Structures

If you notice small, circular holes in your home’s wood structures, it could be a sign of soldier termites. These termites have large, powerful mandibles and use them to create these holes as an entryway into wood. Once inside, they can cause extensive damage to the structure, weakening the integrity of your home.

If you suspect soldier termites, it is vital to act quickly. You can try sealing visible entry points and removing nearby wood sources. These include firewood piles to deter further infestations.

3. Head-Banging Noises

Termites are tiny, but their damage to homes and structures can be extensive. One of the signs that you may have soldier termites in your home is their distinct headbanging noise. This can often be heard coming from walls, floors, or ceilings and is a result of the termites communicating with each other.

If you notice this sound, it is vital to take action immediately. Contact a soldier termite pest control service to inspect and treat your home.

4. Discarded Wings

Discarded wings are one of the clear signs of soldier termites, indicating the presence of a mature colony. These insects shed their wings when they have found a suitable location to establish a new colony. These wings can be found near doors, windows, and other access points where termites may have entered the building.

Prevention measures, such as removing wood-to-soil contact and fixing leaks. This should be implemented to avoid future termite infestations.

5. Sawdust-like Material or Frass

This material is actually termite droppings, and it is a clear sign of a termite infestation. If you notice piles of frass near wooden structures, such as furniture or supports, it is important to take immediate action.

Soldier termites are responsible for protecting the colony. Their presence indicates that the colony is growing and becoming more active. It is crucial to contact a professional termite control service to identify and treat the problem.

Take Action Against These Destructive Soldier Termites Today

In conclusion, recognizing the signs of soldier termites is crucial for preventing extensive damage to our homes. It is important to regularly inspect for termite activity and take immediate action upon detection.

Protect your home and belongings, and take action against these destructive insects today.

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