What Mobile Home Moving Equipment Do You Need?

mobile home moving equipment
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Are you planning on moving to a new location soon? Do you want to move your trailer home but you aren’t sure what you’ll need to do it? If so, then you need to know what you need to make your move safe and successful.

Certainly, a variety of mobile home moving equipment options are accessible, making the decision-making process challenging.

In the following guide, we will outline the essential equipment required for moving your home. Review this information carefully to ensure you select the appropriate tools for the task at hand.

Heavy Haul Trucks

When it comes to moving a mobile home, a heavy haul truck is the backbone of the operation. These trucks are specially designed to transport oversized and heavy loads, making them ideal for moving mobile homes.

To find the right heavy haul truck for your move, as a start, try contacting a reputable heavy haul trucking company in this area. They can provide the expertise and equipment necessary for a safe and efficient relocation.

Towing Equipment

Towing equipment is essential for securing the mobile home to the heavy haul truck. You’ll need strong chains, straps, and anchors to ensure that the home remains stable during transit. It’s crucial to properly distribute the weight and secure all sides of the home to prevent any shifting or damage during the mobile home hauling.

Axles and Wheels

Mobile homes are designed to be stationary, so they don’t come equipped with their wheels. To make the home mobile, you’ll need axles and wheels specifically designed for this purpose. These attachments will allow the home to roll onto the heavy haul truck and ensure stability during transportation.

Leveling and Blocking Material

Ensuring that the mobile home remains level and stable during the move is crucial. You’ll need leveling and blocking materials such as wooden blocks and shims to achieve this. These materials help distribute the weight evenly and prevent any tilting or shifting during transportation.

Safety Equipment

Safety should be a top priority during a mobile home move. Safety equipment includes items like safety vests, helmets, and gloves for the crew involved in the move. Additionally, warning signs and cones should be used to alert others to the presence of a moving mobile home, ensuring the safety of everyone in the vicinity.

Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic jacks are essential for lifting and lowering the mobile home onto its axles and wheels. These jacks provide the necessary lifting power to raise the home off its foundation and onto the transport truck. It’s crucial to use hydraulic jacks that are capable of handling the weight of the mobile home safely.

The Ultimate Checklist for the Must-Have Mobile Home Moving Equipment

In conclusion, if you are planning on moving your mobile home, it is a must to have the right equipment. From specialized trailers to jacks and blocks, investing in the proper tools will ensure a smooth and safe move. Don’t risk damaging your home or yourself, make sure to have all the necessary equipment.

Take the first step towards a successful move today! Purchase the right mobile home moving equipment.

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