iPad vs. Laptop: Which Is Better for Working From Home?

ipad vs laptop
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In recent years, remote work has become substantially more common. Employees are beginning to realize they can perform their entire role from the comfort of their own home. Employers are saving money on overhead costs by not renting office space.

Not everyone uses a conventional desktop computer for remote work, though. Since the first iPad was released in 2010, Apple has sold over 425 million units. Many people have purchased one for work-related obligations.

Some professionals are on the fence about whether an iPad vs laptop is best when working from home. Let’s explore how to make the right decision.


Compared to higher-end laptops, iPads are much cheaper. Top-tier laptop computers can sometimes cost thousands of dollars.

This will mostly depend upon the laptop hardware and laptop brands you choose. iPad cost will vary between iPad sizes.

You’ll also spend more on an iPad with extra memory. iPads are much more portable than laptops, making them great options for people who frequently work in different locations. However, they can’t be upgraded after you purchase them.

Despite having smaller displays than laptops, iPads frequently offer sufficient screen space. It’s important to note that iPads are practical and simple to use. Soon after turning the gadget on for the first time, novice users may rapidly understand how to operate it.

A major issue people have with iPads is app compatibility. iPads can only run Apple programs, meaning you won’t be able to use apps like Microsoft Excel. In some cases, this can make using an iPad impractical.

Eventually, you may run into battery issues. Regular use will diminish the iPad’s battery quality, and the batteries in these devices aren’t replaceable.


The main drawback of laptops is they’re bulkier than iPads. Even though they’re portable, some models are heavy and unwieldy.

It’s not always convenient to travel to different locations with a large laptop. However, laptops have much more power. You can upgrade your processor and RAM as needed so you can reach your desired performance benchmarks.

It’s also easy to upgrade and repair your laptop after purchase. You can learn more about computer repair in Atlanta at intellectualtechs.com.

Laptops can run Mac OS or Windows depending on the product you choose. Windows laptops are more versatile in terms of compatibility.

Many applications can be used only on Windows computers. The issue here is that many businesses use Windows for their internal systems. Apple computers may not have sufficient compatibility.

iPad vs Laptop: Which Is Best?

There’s no universal answer to this question, as it will change between scenarios. Those who don’t mind spending more for extra screen space should choose laptops. With dozens of brands and customization options available, you can configure your laptop to meet your requirements.

However, convenience trumps power on occasion. People who need low-budget options with maximum portability should choose iPads. Just be sure that you don’t need non-Apple applications for your job.

Settling the Debate Is Simple

As long as you’re aware of your needs, you’ll make the best choice when deciding between an iPad vs laptop. From here, you’ll ensure you have a comfortable, streamlined experience while working.

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