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About Hireflex?

Independent businesses may identify and hire workers with the aid of Hireflex, a cloud-based platform for applicant tracking and onboarding. The product aids customers in navigating the selection process, which includes historical verifications and electronic markings, from promoting openings via web-based entertainment to hiring rivals.

Also, a Hireflex onboarding module enables customers to brand representative structures with the logo of their business and send them to recently joined team members for signatures naturally. Directors may then easily access completed structures in the system by storing them there.

Also, Hireflex customers may send rivals quick notifications when meetings are scheduled or job bids are received, as well as keep track of pay packages. Also, assigning tasks and creating updates to needs to strengthen among coworkers.

How is Hireflex put to use?

Any smartphone, tablet, or Computer with an online connection may access Hireflex with ease. You can screen your hiring and training activities using a secure internet-based entryway provided by the framework. Moreover, Hireflex may be fully integrated with your existing HR data platform (HRIS), which makes setting up quick and easy.

Customers may more easily access their information through the mobile application or web browser thanks to the entrance’s clean design. Use Hireflex to manage your job postings, screen applicants, interview aspiring employees, create job proposals, and routinely hire new staff.

The only thing required is to publish. Hireflex will then match you up with a talented project worker. Via Hireflex’s electronic joint effort devices, you may communicate directly with your job expert or, if you want, meet them in person.

After your job ends, make an installment from your excellent record and then offer another job to similar work or recruit a replacement. Installment from your excellent record and then provide another job for equal work or draft a replacement.

Important Highlights

For the following applicants, Hireflex is a one-stop shop. It includes a very professional website and the marketing features you truly need for registering to help you attract amazing talent.

Candidate Following

With the help of Hireflex’s Candidate Following, you can automate your contacts with applicants, allowing you to hire more quickly, more effectively, and more affordable.

Oversee and interact with prospective applications in one location.


Look for possible candidates on social media platforms for casual conversation such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, Twitter, Google+, and Beast.

Current positions at no additional cost on the steady worksheets.

Work for the board while also collecting applications from your careers site. Com for no cost.

The specific tool

Prepare for interviews by contacting applicants through Hireflex and managing them via email. To arrange meetings with competitors from inside Hireflex, use Skype or GoToMeeting. Stay current by using automated email to interact with candidates at each stage of the recruiting process.

How would I pursue it?

Registration is simple, quick, and hassle-free on Hireflex. We can connect using your own Google record. You may create a résumé and apply for jobs on Hireflex.

You can precede using Hireflex as follows:

Start by visiting www.hireflex.Com.

Click the button for information exchange now on the landing page.

Make a note; write down your name, email address, and secret key.

Click the “create a record” button once you have finished these fields.

You have made your decision.

Process for signing into

Use the following methods to log into Hireflex:

To visit their authority login page, use the connection my reaction.

Also by supplying a username and a secret word

Set off a commotion around the town button.

You may either choose a person or search for occupations on your record dashboard.

How can I modify my Hireflex password?

Please use the methods below if you really want to update your secret phrase or can’t recall your secret key.

  • You can start over with a new secret key by clicking the “failed to recall the secret word” button.
  • Once you hit the submit button, a new page will open where you need to enter your email address.
  • If you don’t receive the “Confirmation Code” to reset your mystery word within 10 minutes, check your spam folder in your email. You will receive a “Confirmation Code” to do so at your email address.
  • Enter the confirmation code that was supplied to your email address at this time, and carefully read it.
  • After completing the fields for the new secret phrase and confirming the new secret word, click the Update button.

How do pay due to the Myhre account paid?

Both managers and job applicants are welcome to use the Myhire account on Hireflex. On the other hand, managers may use it to advertise jobs, look for up-and-comers, and review job applications. Moreover available to job seekers online is the pursuit of employment, competitor membership, and application. Manage your Myhire account from here:

  • Click the green “Create New Position” button in the top right of the screen while you are in your HireFlex dashboard.
  • A new page will appear after selecting “Create New Position. As a result, you’ll be inspired to complete some data about your job.
  • The working title, area, time-based pay rate, and start date are the only items you need to fill out.
  • In case you require one, you may also include a brief description of the position. Check out and select “Next” in the bottom right corner of the page.
  • You will receive some information about your firm on the website that goes with it so that potential recruits will have a better understanding of what you do and who you could be hiring.
  • You may enter an organization logo by moving a photo file into the appropriate box or by hitting the “Transfer” button in the top left corner.

Last word:

I hope you found our Hireflex audit to be useful. The product is fantastic, if you’re unsure about Hireflex or if you’re looking for a new recruitment programming arrangement, research it to see whether it’s right for you.

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