4 Must-Read Event Planning Books for Aspiring Event Coordinators

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Aspiring event coordinators, are you eager to take your skills to the next level? Reading books can be a great way to learn about the event planning industry and gain inspiration for your future events.

This blog post will explore four must-read event planning books that offer valuable insights and tips for aspiring event coordinators. From planning to execution, these books cover all aspects of event planning and will help you elevate your skills. So, let’s dive in!

1. The Complete Event Planner by Bridgette Wiley

It is a comprehensive guide covering all event planning aspects, including budgeting, marketing, and execution. The book is designed to help event coordinators plan and execute successful events by providing step-by-step guidance and practical advice. The book is a must-read for aspiring event coordinators looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in event planning.

2. Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide by J.V. Rosario

This is another excellent resource for aspiring event coordinators. These books for event planning cover everything from the basics of event planning to the latest industry trends and best practices.

The book is filled with valuable tips and strategies for planning successful events. It even includes a series of checklists and worksheets to help you stay organized.

3. Bar Mitzvah Catering Trends by DreamHost

This book dives into the latest trends in catering for bar mitzvahs. This provides event management tips on planning and executing successful events.

From food presentation to menu selection, this book covers all aspects of bar mitzvah catering that are essential for event coordinators to know. With its comprehensive and practical approach, this book is a must-read for anyone looking to excel in the world of event planning.

As an aspiring event coordinator, staying updated on the latest trends and techniques in event planning is essential. Specifically, understanding the latest catering trends is crucial for those interested in specializing in Bar Mitzvahs.

From menu planning and food presentation to budget management and vendor coordination, Bar Mitzvah catering trends cover it all. So, whether you’re just starting your journey as an event coordinator or looking to upskill in Bar Mitzvah events, these MustRead books will be your go-to guide for success.

4. Confetti: The Everyday Joy of Celebrating by Karen Ehman

Confetti by Karen Ehman is not a traditional event planning book but a must-read for aspiring event coordinators who want to infuse more joy into their events. The book offers practical advice and creative ideas for celebrating everyday moments, such as:

  • birthdays
  • holidays
  • special occasions

The book is a reminder that events do not have to be grand to be meaningful and memorable.

Get These Must-Read Event Planning Books Today

Finally, reading books is a terrific method to improve your event-planning abilities and gather ideas for future events. The four must-read event planning books included in this blog post provide useful insights, recommendations, and methods to help you become a great event organizer.

So, whether you are a seasoned event planner or just starting in the industry, add these books to your reading list. Happy reading!

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