Does AutoZone Rent Out Torque Wrenches?

Torque Wrenches
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By Leo

Doing work on your auto can save you money. Unless you are a full-time mechanic, though, you might not always have the right tool for the job. Sometimes, it makes sense to buy the tool and have it on hand to use again, but other times it saves money if you can borrow the appropriate tool. A loaner torque wrenches from your neighborhood auto parts store allows you to finish work without spending too much.

The Right Tool for the Job

More than most pursuits, automotive work requires specialized tools. You can tell that by looking at all of the diverse implements at your mechanic’s garage. If you bought all of these tools for your work, you would probably go bankrupt. The option of getting a loaner tool provides an invaluable service and few tools have more applications than torque wrenches. They will assist you in the following jobs:

  • Changing out rims from light metals
  • Tightening bearings and pulleys
  • Sealing gaskets
  • Tightening lug nuts
  • Tightening hardware components

The right torque wrench ensures that you do not tighten elements too hard and cause damage on certain jobs. This tool helps you apply the correct amount of pressure. When sealing gaskets, the optimal pressure makes sure the fluids no longer leak out and you can readily avoid damaging sensitive components. A tension miscalculation on a pulley system might cause unnecessary wear and tear on the chain or belt and result in premature repair.

Of course, buying your tools has several advantages as long as it fits into your budget. You will have the tool handy whenever you need it and can select the right tools for your needs. A nice collection of wrenches, pliers, cutters, and other versatile tools increases your abilities and allows you to make nearly unlimited adjustments to your vehicle.

The Top Tools at Competitive Prices

Keeping your auto in excellent shape should not cost more than necessary. Options such as free battery testing and loaner tools allow you to take care of your automotive needs without undue expense.

When buying tools, a Duralast 3/8 inch drive torque wrench costs under $40, and its alloy steel construction will probably last you a lifetime. Duralast tools come with a lifetime warranty. Convenient features such as a reversible, ratcheting head, a molded storage case, and a knurled handle add to its value. You can get free in-store pickup or deliver it to your home for a low cost.

While you have tools on your mind, you can shop for an impressive selection of options to fill up your toolbox. A sufficient supply of pliers and wrenches are essential hand tools that never go out of style, as do screwdrivers and screwdriver sets. Power tools like drivers and drills expedite a lot of tasks. Shop tools such as floor jacks and engine lifts help you take on bigger jobs.

Shop online or in the store and find all the quality tools you need at competitive prices. With deals and discounts and many free services, you can’t go wrong.