Columbus The romantic Dinner Cruise

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When you arrive at the Marina in the Columbus  Hotel Zone, romance begins. The couple’s beaming looks herald the start of a romantic journey that will culminate in an unforgettable romantic evening.

In order to experience the romance of a ship that appears to have traveled through time from the past, the time of the pirates, to our present time in order to make us experience those days when love was an endless adventure, the lovers’ hands are intertwined as they walk towards the front desk and prepare to board the lovely Spanish galleon “Columbus” in the Nichupte lagoon in Cancun.

Aboard the ultimate romantic excursion in Cancun, Columbus The Lobster Dinner Cruise tour is waiting for them to reminisce about their favorite memories as they dance to the soothing wave motion of the lagoon’s crystal clear waters on a dance floor that lets them take in the starry sky and the moon’s testament to their love.

Directions to the departure spot

Come along on this romantic experience with us! It’s easy to take a taxi or public bus to the Marina Aquatours, which is 6.5 km from Cancun’s Hotel Zone.

Our attentive and pleasant staff serves delicious cocktails and fine wine to pair with a succulent gourmet rib eye and lobster, as well as potatoes and vegetables, green salad, and dessert. Celebrate a unique time with your partner by dancing to the captivating melody of a romantic saxophone serenade.

among the most well-known Cancun night tours. The Nichupte Lagoon’s picturesque and serene waters are the setting for the serene Columbus picturesque Cruise.

With that particular someone in mind, the vacation has been specially design to enjoy magical experiences.

Sailing our Spanish Galleon Columbus at sunset is an unmatch experience. That will elevate your soul and strengthen your relationship with someone special.


With a full bar and live saxophone music to create the scene. You will be treat to a feast of lobster, and surf. And turf (rib-eye steak and lobster), or vegetarian specialties (cooked on board) with a full selection of side dishes.


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