How the Rape Trial against Bruce Lehrmann And Brittany Higgins: Was Suddenly Concluded

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When Brittany Higgins initially came out with the claim that she had been raped, she became a lightning rod for people enraged about the epidemic of sexual assault complaints in Australia. However, her claim, which she made during prominent interviews, also sparked controversy. Within hours, she moved from relative obscurity to being spoken about at picnics and dinner parties all across the nation.

Mr. Lehrmann adamantly maintains his innocence, and Ms. Higgins’s claims have not been established in court given that the sexual assault complaint against him has already been dismissed.

How did we get here, then?

The march and the interviews

In early-year interviews with Samantha Maiden of News Corp and Lisa Wilkinson of The Project, Ms. Brittany Higgins claimed that an unknown colleague had raped her in a parliamentary suite in 2019.

The initial ‘Me Too’ campaign was established by US activist Tarana Burke, who was driven to seek justice for sexual assault survivors. At the time, individuals associated with Australia’s own ‘Me Too’ movement seized upon the charge with vigor.

However, the politics surrounding Ms. Higgins’ claim came to a head when a March4Justice rally drew tens of thousands to the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra to protest gendered violence and demand that the government act on an Australian Human Rights Commission report that examined the type and prevalence of sexual harassment in Australian workplaces and was released a year ago.

At the march, Ms. Brittany Higgins reiterated her claims to the gathering assembled outside the location where she said the event had taken place. She said that the reason for going public with her accusation was to bring attention to the alleged maltreatment of women in positions of authority.

Scott Morrison, who was the prime minister at the time, said it was customary and longstanding for him to avoid attending rallies while they were taking place outside.

Although he subsequently applauded the ability of people to protest and told parliament that it was a “triumph of democracy” that the protestors had not been “met with bullets,” as they may have been in other countries, the protesters had not been “met with bullets” in the United States.

Months later, Mr. Morrison extended a formal apology to anybody who had encountered sexual harassment or bullying in the federal legislature and praised Ms. Higgins for her part in bringing attention to the problems affecting certain staff at Parliament House.

The prominent trial

Former Liberal party employee Bruce Lehrmann was charged with one count of sexual assault in connection with the event in August 2021 and entered a not-guilty plea. Public interest in the matter peaked with the start of his trial, which got underway in October 2022, a year later.

The trial had the air of political intrigue since it included an alleged crime committed in a parliamentary building and featured prominent witnesses including senators Michaelia Cash and Linda Reynolds. In the case, both legislators testified, and they were asked when they first knew of Ms. Higgins’s accusations of sexual assault.

Senator Reynolds was also subjected to severe questioning in court on a text message she had sent to Mr. Lehrmann’s  defense team, in which she requested a copy of Ms. Higgins’ testimony and advised him to review texts between Ms. Higgins and a former coworker.


She also acknowledged that her companion had attended the trial because she “wanted to know what had been said”. Senator Reynolds said to the court that although she first did not realize each conduct was improper, after receiving legal counsel she realized they were improper.

Following that suggestion, Senator Reynolds informed the court that she had not requested her partner to tell her what had been stated in court.

The political maelstrom that made its way into the courtroom was uncommon, but it wasn’t the only one. Everything changed when Ms. Brittany Higgins entered the courtroom. Even though it is against the law in all of Australia to identify alleged sexual assault victims, Ms. Higgins agreed to be identified. She also decided against testifying from a distant location and instead chose to be cross-examined in front of the jury.

Her daily appearances ensured the trial continued to capture national interest and, from the get-go, the courtroom the trial proceeded to garner widespread interest thanks to her frequent appearances, and local, national, and international journalists flocked to the courtroom right away. Journalists were “practically hanging from the rafters,” ACT Supreme Court Justice Lucy McCallum said to the jury.

The jury member’s behavior

The jury was cautioned by the Chief Justice to set aside any prior reading or analysis of the case.

The proof presented in the trial is not what you read before yesterday or what you saw on the news,” she declared.

Additionally, she emphasized to them “at least 17 times” that they shouldn’t look for information about the case outside of what they heard in court.

Once more, she warned them, “You must not try to do your research.”

You must rely only on the facts presented to you in this courtroom.

The trial was finally stopped because one juror disregarded her advice and was found in possession of documents from outside the courtroom.

The three academic study papers, according to Chief Justice McCallum, were found “during routine tidying of the jury room.”

A mistrial was ruled, and a new trial was set for the following year.

Mr. Lehrmann maintains his innocence, and there have been no findings against him despite Ms. Brittany Higgins’s unsubstantiated claims.

The effect of the charge

Bruce Lehrmann, a former member of the Liberal Party, has maintained his innocence. (Lukas Coch, AAP)

Mr. Lehrmann discussed how the accusations had an impacte. His life in a police interview that shown to the jury during his trial.

On the police recording, he replied, “Oh, I… I was ready to go.”

Later, he said that he was referring to his demise.

He admitted, “Lined it up so my mom could get my super.”

Mr. Lehrmann claimed he learned from a journalist that Ms. Higgins had publicly accused him without naming him.

He told the police, “It was a very difficult fortnight.”

Higgins continued by discussing the accusation leveled at him from a “PR perspective”.

He stated in his police statement, “Like from a PR standpoint, I believed I can’t get a job, nothing at all.”

At the time, Mr. Lehrmann claimed he had reached his “wit’s end” trying to deal with the personal ramifications of the accusation.

Mr. Lehrmann said that he was well aware of the implications of the accusation for himself.

In the clip shown to the court, he adds. I know politics that when anything like this happens… you’re blocked off from everyone… you’re done.

The sudden end

A retrial that scheduled for February 20, 2023, canceled. According to an announcement made by Shane Drumgold, director of public prosecutions for the ACT, on Friday morning.

He declared that Mr. Lehrmann would not charged with sexual assault, and the case would be closed.

The continued trauma connected to this prosecution poses a considerable. And intolerable risk to the complainant’s life, according to two independent medical specialists, he stated.

The pursuit of justice is crucial for my office and the community. At large, the safety of a complainant in a sexual assault case must come first. The evidence shows that this issue goes beyond the harm incurred by providing testimony in court.


Duration: 1 minute

Shane Drumgold, the director of public prosecutions for the. ACT, explains why he decided to dismiss the case against Bruce Lehrmann.

Ms. Higgins was unavailable for her cross-examination on the witness stand for several days.

It is now possible to say that Ms. Brittany Higgins was undergoing mental health therapy.

Emma Webster a close friend of. Ms. Higgins said on Friday that. Ms Higgins was back in the hospital and “getting the treatment and support she needs.”

In a statement, According to Webster, “the past couple of months have been difficult and unrelenting.”

The trial’s results were disappointing, but Brittany’s well-being and security must come first. Brittany is appreciative of all the help she has gotten, especially from our mental health care professionals.

When announcing the decision to drop the case. Mr Drumgold claimed that Ms. Higgins had “faced a level of personal attack.” He had “not seen in over 20 years of doing this work” throughout the course of the investigation and trial.

He expressed his wish that the current situation would end and Ms. Brittany Higgins might begin to recover.


Currently, what is Brittany Higgins doing?

Brittany Higgins declares her new career move as an intern with the UN in Switzerland, calling it “honored.” Brittany Higgins, a former member of the Liberal staff. Announced her exciting new position working for a global organization committed to reducing prejudice against women.

What is the story of Grace Tames?

Her 58-year-old instructor, Nicolaas Bester, groomed her before regularly abusing her sexually when she was 15 years old. Even though it was discover that the school had several chances to step in. The abuse continued until 2011 when Tame notified her assailant.

What is the message of Grace Tame?              

According to Australian of the Year Grace Tame, adjustments require to provide the necessary assistance for sexual assault survivors.

Why is Grace Tame a role model?

A supporter of victims of child sexual abuse and an agent of progress.

Grace Tame is still dating?

In a heartfelt Instagram post in January 2022, Ms. Tame declared her engagement to Mr. Heerey.


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