10 Trendy Cake Design For Kids Birthday Celebration

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You must be aware that organizing a kid’s birthday party is not a children’s saying. From organizing games and activities to choosing a perfect theme and food, all need great effort and time. One of the most crucial aspects is to order a cake that matches the preference of the birthday kid and brings a big smile to his/her face.

Though you can find a variety of cakes with various flavors, choosing a design is the most challenging part. In this regard, we have listed some of the amazing and trendy cake designs for the celebration of a kid’s birthday that your child will surely love to have.

1] Unicorn Magic Cake

Every child love to hear a fairy tale and always wonder to see those character in the real world. You can make this dream come true by ordering a unicorn magic cake to surprise them on their birthday. Its rainbow layer decoration features an edible unicorn horn on the top, which will surely create pure magic in the gathering.

2] Superhero Sensation

When it comes to fairy tale, superhero-themed cakes will never go out of style, as every kid love to be like his favorite superhero. The best part is you can find a variety of options while placing an online cake order in Ahmedabad or nearby places according to your child’s preferences. From classic superheroes like Batman to the latest Avengers character, you can order these cakes for the perfect birthday celebration of your little hero.

3] Character Cakes

Other than superheroes, there are also some cartoon characters that are favorite among kids. These may include all-time favorite Disney characters, characters of the Richie Rich series, and many more. The best part is you can order these character-themed cakes from various online platforms while choosing your child’s flavor preference.

4] Candyland Creation

There will rarely be any kid who can ignore candies if they are offered. So, what about offering a cake that is full of candies on the chocolate layers? Candyland cake is one of them that is designed like a magical land where you can find edible candy decoration that looks visually stunning and can be a dream come true for your candy lover kid.

5] Dinosaur Delight

Dinosaurs are the animals that mesmerize the children every time, and they always want to have one. If your child is among them, then consider ordering dinosaur delight cakes on his/her birthday. The best part is you can personalize according to your daughter’s/son’s favorite dino or even create a prehistoric landscape on his/her birthday.

6] Garden Party

Besides including their favorite character on the cake, you can also opt for the garden party cake. The special part of the cake is that it is decorated with a garden theme that features edible flowers, plants, butterflies, and many more. This cake not only looks stunning but also teaches the importance of the ecosystem in our lives.

7] Video Game-Themed Cake

Apart from admiring their favorite character, children also like to play video games and even mimic the protagonist. Whether your child loves to play PUBG, Fortnite, or Minecraft, you can place an order for a video game-themed cake matching the game your child loves to play. So, surprise your kid and his friends with this cake and become a super dad for him/her.

8] Mermaid Delight

The story of the fairy tale doesn’t end here as here we have a mermaid cake that allows your daughter to explore the adventure under the sea. The cake features edible seashells and mermaid tail toppers, making it a perfect choice for her birthday. Additionally, the oceanic color and enchanting design make it suitable even for big kids.

9] Princess Barbie Cake

How can we forget Barbie when it comes to choosing a cake for a girl’s birthday? Barbie is the favorite character of every girl, and most of them want to become attractive and charming like her. Seeing the passion, you can order a Barbie cake online for your little princess that will surely bring a big smile to her face.

10] Space Odyssey

You have to agree that we all get passionate when we hear about space exploration. The same thing happens with the children, who always wonder to go beyond the stars while becoming a space traveler. You can make their dream come true with a Space Odyssey cake that offers celestial design, including planets, stars, rockets, and even edible astronauts.

Consider The Favorite Character For Birthday Celebration

When it comes to choosing the perfect cake for your child’s birthday celebration, it can be a daunting task. Though you can find a variety of cake designs for children, you still need to consider their interests and preferences. If you do not have any idea how to choose the sweet delight, you can go through the above list that we have curated for every type of kid. So, order now and get a slice of happiness for your child on the next birthday celebration.

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