The scary medical situation suffered by Etienne Vaessen

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By Leo

On the 30th of September 2023, an Eredivisie match was played in the Netherlands between Ajax and RKC Waalwijk. The best site for bets is 1xBet, which always includes all matches from the entertaining and dynamic Dutch Eredivisie.

The match ended with a 3-2 victory for Ajax. The goalscorers were:

  • Michiel Kramer;
  • Yassin Oukili;
  • Brian Brobbey;
  • Steven Bergwijn;
  • and Steven Berghuis.

What would be a good victory for Ajax, suddenly turned into a scene that scared everybody witnessing the match. A great site for bets is the 1xBet platform, and here you can wager on all matches from Ajax too.


The horrific moment

During the 83rd minute, Ajax forward Brian Brobbey was running towards the goal, trying to capture a long pass coming in his direction. At the same time, RKC Waalwijk’s goalkeeper Etienne Vaessen came out of the goal to try to capture that loose ball. The full list of betting from 1xBet also allows punters to wager on how situations like this will end too.

Unfortunately, and in an accidental manner, Brobbey hit Vaessen’s face with his foot. Of course, this was not intentional, as Brobbey moved his leg forward to try to grab the ball, and he wasn’t looking forward as the goalkeeper approached him. The full list of bets from 1xBet is the most detailed place on the Internet where you will find wagers on all kinds of outcomes from these matches too.

It was immediately clear that something was very wrong. Vaessen lay motionless on the ground, while other players from the 2 teams made gestures to get the attention of the medical personnel.

Saving Vaessen’s life

But the drama in this situation was just getting started. Plenty of football situations can be wagered at – fast football bet can be made easily. It was immediately clear that this was not just another injury. After a few seconds, more paramedics approached the goalkeeper, while personnel from the stadium tried to cover the area, so people couldn’t see what was happening.

It was later reported that Etienne Vaessen’s heart began to have issues as a result of the hit in his face. A defibrillator was needed to save his life in that critical situation.

Players from both teams were so shocked that the match was eventually abandoned, with approximately 6 minutes still to play. The goalkeeper was taken to a hospital, where his condition was reported as stable. A fast football bet can be made at 1xBet on great goalkeepers too.

A few hours after the incident, RKC Waalwijk’s social media transmitted a message that caused relief among fans. It was reported that Vaessen would spend a few days in the hospital. However, he was conscious and seemingly well.