The Facts of Being Married to a “Mail Order Bride”

Mail Order Bride
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A mail order bride is a woman who, for those who are unfamiliar with the process, usually employs an agency to assist matches her with a husband in another country.

Many men and women have discovered that, despite its strange appearance, this approach to finding love can be incredibly transformational.

History of Mail Order Brides

Were you aware that the origins of this entire endeavor date back to the early 1700s? Yes, the Virginia Company’s decision to solicit mail-order brides for the Jamestown settlement was made in 1620. They recruited about 140 women to prevent the settlers from leaving and prevent them from marrying Native American women in the area.

Which aspect is the best? Even though the guys were unable to cover the cost of their travel, these women were free to select their partners. They weren’t compelled to marry just anybody. Moreover, these newlyweds were mostly in their twenties.

Time travel: the term “Mail order brides” initially appeared in newspapers in the 1900s and 1920s.

What gives with the “mail” component, then? A mail-order bride, then, was a woman who arranged to get married before ever meeting her future husband in person.

And yes, mail-order weddings do still occur nowadays, in case you were wondering. Let me clarify, though: choosing a wife isn’t like looking through a catalog. You need to put in the effort today by corresponding, making calls, and going on actual dates.

Fascinating Information about Mail Brides

First of all, did you know that ladies who are frequently active in the mail order bride scene and come from Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America typically tie the knot earlier than other women? It’s accurate!

Let’s now discuss trends. Interracial unions are rapidly increasing. 17% of all weddings in 2015 involved people of different races. That is a substantial portion, isn’t it?

The shocking part is that more than half of those requesting K-1 visas, which require bringing a foreign partner into the country, did so after meeting their significant other on mail-order brides or dating websites. Where are the best places to find wives in 2023? Mexico, the Philippines, and the Ukraine. These nations are truly dominating the rankings!

It’s interesting to note that about 40% of Americans believe that marrying a foreigner benefits society. How about having an open mind?

And mail order bride from China?  Huge hit with visitors. Approximately one thousand foreign weddings are registered annually in Shanghai alone.

Latina women are following suit, selecting foreign males for life partners at an increasing rate. The truth is, though, that just because something works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you in the same manner. You alone are responsible for your online dating experience. Therefore, make the effort and carefully select your site if you want those pleasant vibes and results. It’s all up to you!


Having engaged with numerous women who have chosen this path, I have observed three predominant categories:

Women seeking improved lives

Some individuals believe that marrying a foreign man can be an avenue to escape poverty. This perspective stems from the weariness of living in impoverished conditions at home or a desire to find a means to support their family.

Individuals from developing countries with limited economic opportunities, such as the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and others, should be particularly mindful of this phenomenon.

Many women seize this chance to support their family globally because they think marrying into a wealthy nation will provide them with financial security.

Women over 45 who want to go on a new life journey

Many women who choose to marry through agencies do so in pursuit of a new beginning in their lives, especially those who are over 45. Some are seeking a new beginning, while still others are merely attempting to make their way through life in a foreign culture.

Some of these women approach the chore of finding a mate like any other, and they are frequently practical. Even while they aren’t “in love” with their spouses, they do grow to adore them.

Women who are only looking for love

Of course, some people are sincerely just looking for love. These women had a difficult time locating a mate in their native nation. They seek love with foreign guys instead of domestic ones because they may have high standards for men or because they may not meet the ideal standards of beauty in their home nation.


This is by no means an exhaustive list, particularly in light of the growing popularity of passport bros these days. Additionally, I’ve seen that the men on our most recent AFA tours are getting younger and have more diverse, evolving personalities every year. However, the three most prevalent kinds are:

Men with poor social abilities

I’ve found that most men who look for mail-order wives are decent gentlemen with a little social skills gap. Many of them find that in their foreign brides, who they believe will love and support them. I believe that these men’s frequent adoration of their wives and veneration of the land they walk on build a solid basis for happy marriages. And, dare I say it, they have fairly success rates in happy relationships.


I attempted to understand it, and the following is my interpretation of the cause:

Divorce may be an incredibly painful experience that can lead to someone losing faith in the dating scene in their nation. Consider this: a man will seek a new beginning with a woman from a foreign culture if he had too many bad experiences with women in his nation.

Men with traditional values

And lastly, some males have particular tastes regarding their relationships. Many of them are searching for a more conventional or family-oriented woman, which can be more difficult to locate in their home nation. They could believe that women from different cultures are more likely to be interested in committed long-term partnerships and to share their ideals.


Intercultural marriages are unions of two individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. They present a unique set of difficulties, the principal ones being:

Barriers to immigration

Navigating the immigration process can be difficult and exasperating, especially when you’re seeking to bring your spouse with you. There are numerous obstacles to overcome, and the entire procedure may feel like an unending journey.

Disparities in language

Neither the men nor the majority of the women speak the native tongue of their wives. And the majority of them frequently rely largely on translation applications to communicate. Cultural distinction

Various traditions and customs translate into various methods of accomplishing things. This occasionally results in miscommunications and arguments.

Reactions or criticism

It’s still not nearly common to find a bride through an international marriage service. Many individuals, including friends and family, will show doubt or disapproval and claim that the wife is only in the marriage for financial gain and a green card or that the marriage is merely transactional. Hearing these disparaging remarks can be upsetting, particularly if the pair is truly in love.


It’s frequently dangerous. Nevertheless, every type of relationship comes with its own set of risks. As with anything in life, it’s essential to ponder and ask yourself: “Is it worth it?”

To guarantee the reliability and honesty of the person you’re planning to marry, you can implement several precautionary measures. To reduce these hazards, agencies that assist in mail-order weddings frequently screen their clients. A true and honest attempt to work on the relationship can result in a level of success similar to an arranged marriage.

In fact, in many of these situations, it appears to function even better. The couples often become close over time, even though they may not have had the chance to fall profoundly in love before being married. They can develop closer than they could in a less formal atmosphere since they both have a great desire to see the relationship through.


You must choose a mail order bride website to find a mail order wife, but the good news is that you can choose from among the most well-liked ones listed above. Real foreign ladies who might be interested in Western males are available on these platforms. Why not try to locate your mail-order wife with them?


To what extent do mail-order brides succeed?

Over the years, eighty percent of these marriages have remained intact.

What dangers come with mail-order brides?

Numerous mail-order brides fall prey to scams or fictitious unions.

What’s the term for mail-order bride?

Picture brides were the worldwide version of mail-order brides.

How do mail-order brides operate?

In addition to paying the broker a fee for the match, the man also covers the woman’s travel costs when she comes to get married.

What caused mail-order brides to begin?

To stop the settlers from deserting and to stop the men from being married to Native American women living in the area.