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The idea of “Tech Evn – Latest” captures the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the tech sector amid rapid technological advancement. The term “Tech Evn – Latest” refers to the most recent technological advancements. The corporation EVN aims to complete its digital transformation by the end of this year and reach full digitalization by 2025. EVN wants to improve the reliability, safety, and customer service of its electrical system through automated production. The accomplishment of the 2021–2022 digital targets has already improved EVN’s openness and efficiency.

By year’s end, EVN intends to complete its digital transformation, to become a digital enterprise by 2025. Acknowledged as one of the “Top Industry 4.0 Enterprises,” is Electricity Vietnam (EVN). The creation of new cloud infrastructure and SADA’s activities in Armenia were discuss in the EVN Report. The EVN Report aims to educate the world, inspire the diaspora, and strengthen Armenia. Looking ahead to 2030, EVN plans to contribute to the government’s national digital transformation agenda by designating three of its automated products as “Made in Vietnam” items by 2025.

Driving the Nation’s Digital Transformation is Electricity Vietnam (EVN)

The leading national initiative for digital transformation has been Electricity Vietnam (EVN). To promote the “Made in Vietnam” movement, EVN has planned to propose three of its in-house automated goods, in line with the government’s focus on digital transformation by 2025 and a long-term goal for 2030. As part of its endeavor to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution and improve operational efficiency, EVN has made this pledge.

The Function of EVN in “Made by EVN” and “Made in Vietnam” Products

Internal Product Creation

As part of the “Make by EVN” campaign, EVN has created six important goods. These goods include an intelligent remote fault indicator (SRFI), an EVN electric car charger, a three-phase electricity gauge, and a Central Power Corporation (CPC) fault diagnosis system (FDS). Additional developments in technology include:

  • The OMS, or outage management system.
  • EVNHES, a remote data collection program.
  • The effort to digitalize load dispatch.

Execution of the Program

Launched this year, the “Make by EVN” program aims to manufacture three “Made in Vietnam” and ten “Make by EVN” goods by 2025. This strategy accelerates the use of digital technology and generates substantial value in line with EVN’s digital transformation agenda.

Objectives of Digital Transformation and Automation Activities

2025: Digital Transformation

By the end of the year, EVN wants to be fully digitally transformed, and by 2025, it hopes to become a digital enterprise. The stability, safety, and quality of services provided by the electrical system should all improve with the integration of automation in manufacturing.

Innovations and Solutions for Automation

EVN has proactively implemented cutting-edge automation solutions. This involves deploying unmanned transformer stations and utilizing SCADA/EMS (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/Energy Management System) for remote control. The techniques used by EVN for operations, maintenance, repairs, and restorations have all been greatly enhanced by automation.

Future Plan: Beyond Digital Enterprise Transformation by 2025

 Pursuing Excellence by 2030

EVN intends to develop into a fully-fledged digital firm by 2025, utilizing cutting-edge grid technologies and creating a sophisticated load dispatch system.

Remote Control and Unmanned Systems

EVN intends to achieve unmanned and remote control of all of its 110kV and 220kV stations by 2025 and 2030, respectively, with well-defined benchmarks.

Creativity and Investigation

EVN plans to build a specialized scientific and technology center by 2030 that will house state-of-the-art labs. This endeavor is consistent with the overarching objective of attaining a sophisticated degree in research about energy, on par with other emerging nations in the region.

Enhancing client services

EVN is dedicat to improving customer services and electricity distribution quality. It aspires to rank among the top three ASEAN member states in terms of exceptional customer service as it works to modernize and professionalize its operations.

EVN’s ambitious goal to become a powerful and long-lasting economic force by 2030

The Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) Corporation is making great efforts to become a strong, efficient, and sustainable economic force by 2030.

Creating a Route for Economic Prosperity

EVN has established ambitious targets in line with its development strategy until 2030 and its visionary outlook until 2045, which were approve by the Prime Minister on April 1, 2021. Its main goal is to attain yearly production and commercial results that are reliable and profitable. The company wants to keep the state equity in EVN and its subsidiaries intact and grow it further. It aims to maintain a self-investment rate of more than thirty percent and a liability-to-equity ratio of less than three.

Boosting Energy Supply and Changing the Definition of Efficiency

EVN is steadfast in its dedication to playing a critical role in supplying electricity for social and economic development. The company is committed to minimizing power outages, to catch up to the developed nations in the ASEAN area. Furthermore, EVN recognizes the significance of adopting the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s innovations. By 2025, the company intends to become a digital organization, deploying intelligent grid technology widely and building a complex load dispatch system. Reaching remote control and unmanned operation for all 110kV and 220kV stations by 2025 and 2030, respectively, is an impressive benchmark. With up to two laboratories, EVN hopes to develop a state-of-the-art scientific and technology institution by 2030, opening the door for cutting-edge electrical research.

Increasing Excellence in Quality and Service

EVN’s efforts are mostly directed toward improving the caliber of electricity distribution and customer support. The organization’s mission is to modernize and professionally conduct its activities. By 2025, it wants to rank in the top three ASEAN countries for customer service, and it plans to stay there until 2045.

Developing a Coherent and Logical Power Structure

In keeping with its development vision through 2045, EVN will follow carefully thought-out principles for its strategic investments in power sources and grids to guarantee effectiveness, quality, and advancement. In production, transmission, distribution, and business operations, the method places a strong emphasis on synchronization and rationality. EVN can smoothly incorporate renewable energy sources on a wide scale because of this structure. In addition, the company is committed to incorporating cutting-edge technologies to improve security, dependability, and environmental protection. EVN’s dedication to sustainability demonstrates the assessment and possible modernization of current coal power plant technology to comply with environmental protection regulations.

Dedicated to a Future of Sustainable Energy

By Vietnam’s electricity market laws, EVN is steadfast in its commitment to operate the power system in a safe, dependable, and reasonable manner. The company is committed to promoting sustainable market development by keeping production and procurement costs within acceptable bounds. The pursuit of improved customer service and business operations is complemented by the preservation and growth of state and enterprise capital. Enhancing the capacity to arrange funding for anticipated power source and grid investments is a top goal.

Thriving in both sustainability and innovation

Modernization, global integration, and term growth are made possible by EVN, which places a high value on maintaining its basic principles, fostering creative talent, and enhancing customer satisfaction in addition to preserving its financial stability. In the areas of information technology, power, energy efficiency, and information security, the organization is actively involved in research and development.

Accepting Environmental Responsibility

Environmental protection and climate change adaptation are still key to EVN’s strategy as it advances toward its objectives. These programs match the demands of each particular period and are customized to the corporation’s capabilities.

EVN’s path to becoming a strong, sustainable economic force by 2030 is indicative of its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and environmental stewardship. The company’s unwavering commitment to both economic advancement and the broader good demonstrates its tireless efforts.

In less than ten months, EVN deploys 96 power transmission projects successfully

The Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) has accomplished an amazing feat in the first ten months of 2021 by implementing 96 power transmission projects, with voltages ranging from 110-500kV. This shows incredible resilience in the face of the hurdles presented by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Advancing in the Face of Adversity

Despite the challenges posed by the worldwide health crisis, EVN has demonstrated exceptional commitment by initiating these programs. Six of these projects are large 500kV grids, and the remaining 19 are 220kV and 110kV transmission lines.

Consistent Output Despite Obstacles

EVN is still fully committed to powering the country. With an output of 20.28 billion kWh in October of last year, the group’s output was somewhat less than that of the previous year. But for the first 10 months of this year, production reached an astounding 212.65 billion kWh, a solid 3.1% increase over the same period last year. This accomplishment is especially noteworthy in light of the challenges the current pandemic is posing.

Multiple Energy Sources

A more thorough examination of the energy mix indicates a portfolio is well-balanced and varied. With a 47.4% share, coal-fueled power accounted for the majority of energy generation, while hydropower provided 29.9%. Gas-fueled power accounted for 10.6% of the total energy mix, while renewable energy sources made up 11.3%. Imports of power were also credited with a small 0.6% contribution.

Accepting Electronic Transactions

By the end of October, EVN’s consumer interaction showed an interesting trend. A staggering 77-99% of EVN’s clientele has adopted cashless payment options to pay their electricity bills. This move to digital transactions highlights how customer preferences are changing and how EVN is taking the initiative to implement cutting-edge payment methods.

Making Sense of the Dynamic Landscape of Technological Advancements with “Tech evn – Latest”

An online forum called Tech Evn-Latest covers the most recent developments in blockchain, health technology, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, and 5G connection.

In a time of constant technological advancement, innovation has become a dynamic force. The phrase “Tech Evn – Latest” captures the ever-evolving character of the tech sector, where ground-breaking discoveries and fresh ideas are always changing the landscape. We delve deeply into the newest developments, game-changing discoveries, and cutting-edge technologies that shape “Tech Evn – Latest’s” present and future. This tour reveals the key innovations that have shaped our digital age, from biotechnology to artificial intelligence, from quantum computing to sustainable energy solutions.

The AI Revolution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a mainstay in the “Tech Evn – Latest” space, radically changing a variety of businesses. Technology breakthroughs in manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and other fields have possible by advances in machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and deep learning models. Machines can now quickly understand and produce human language because of advancements in natural language processing (NLP). Autonomous vehicles have smoothly incorporated AI-driven advancements. Allowing self-driving cars to operate in intricate urban settings, potentially leading to safer and more effective transit networks.

 Investigating the Quantum Frontier:

Quantum computing is at the front of cutting-edge technologies in the “Tech Evn – Latest” category. Bits in traditional computers to process information, whereas qubits, which can exist in several states simultaneously, are use in quantum computers. Because of this unique property, quantum computers can tackle complex problems tenfold quicker than traditional computers. By utilizing quantum computing for drug discovery, cryptography, and optimization, researchers are opening doors for revolutionary discoveries that were previously thought to be impossible.

Innovations in Biotechnology

“Tech Evn – Latest” deftly unites the domains of biology, mechanics, and electronics. Biotechnology advances are expanding the realm of what is possible in environmental protection, healthcare, and agriculture. The revolutionary CRISPR-Cas9 technology has revolutionized gene editing by providing a means to treat hereditary disorders and even abolish specific ones. The development of artificial organisms with specific roles. Made possible by synthetic biology provides answers to problems ranging from pollution removal to the production of renewable energy.

Sustainable Tech

In the face of the world’s environmental problems, sustainable technologies are at the forefront of the “Tech Evn – Latest” story. From renewable energy sources, innovation drives the tech industry. such as improvements in grid optimization, and energy storage. And solar and wind power. Urban dwellers’ quality of life is improving smart cities, which optimize resource allocation through the use of IoT sensors and data analytics. Technology-driven solutions make circular economy models possible, cutting waste and encouraging resource management that is conscientious.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have developed from abstract ideas to essential elements of “Tech Evn – Latest.” Augmented Reality (AR) enhances gaming, education, and retail engagements by superimposing digital information over real-world experiences. On the other hand, VR transforms the entertainment, training, and therapeutic industries by submerging users in virtual worlds. With the advancement of these technologies. We can interact with the environment and one another in new ways, creating opportunities for engagement and communication.


“Tech Evn – Latest” is a fascinating fusion of scientific discovery, human initiative, and boundless creativity. The tech environment creates a complex web of interrelated innovations. That continues to impact our society, from AI-fueled revolutions to quantum leaps in computing. Biotechnological marvels to sustainable solutions, and augmented realities to virtual universes. When navigating the constantly changing currents of this dynamic field, one thing is guarantee. A thrilling journey into the future, “Tech Evn – Latest” is a journey into the core of technology.

Electricity Vietnam (EVN) has established audacious objectives in line with the country’s digital transformation initiative. With the use of cutting-edge technologies and creative product development under the. “Make in Vietnam” initiative, EVN is moving closer to realizing its goal of a flourishing digital Vietnam. With a steadfast dedication to innovation, quality, and client pleasure. Leading the way in driving the country’s transition to digital transformation and sustainable growth is EVN.


What does Tech Evn-Latest mean?

The newest includes all of the most recent developments in technology, ranging from blockchain to artificial intelligence to virtual reality and augmented reality.

How is connectivity being revolutionized by 5G?

5G transforms connectivity by offering reduced latency and higher speeds, opening the door for innovations like smart cities and driverless cars.

Why is Artificial Intelligence the Latest Technology Revolutionary?

AI is a game-changer, propelling efficiency, automation, and personalization across a range of industries and influencing how digital experiences will be in the future.

Could you elaborate on blockchain’s function outside of cryptocurrencies?

Blockchain is revolutionizing decentralized, secure, and transparent businesses that affect governance, healthcare, and finance in addition to cryptocurrencies.

What is the most recent technology use in smart homes?

The futuristic living experience is defined by smart houses. And which combine automation, IoT, and AI to provide previously unheard-of levels of convenience and energy efficiency.

What role does health technology play in the advancement of healthcare?

HealthTech innovates to transform medical services, from wearable technology to telemedicine, focusing on comprehension through data-driven experiences.