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Mama Cax
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Mama Cax, an American-Haitian model who blazed a route and championed disability rights, made a splash in modern fashion with her signature style and her prosthetic right leg.

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Who was Mama Cax?

Entering the world as Cacsmy Brutus on November 20, 1989, Mama Cax was more than an advocate for handicap rights and an American-Haitian model. Her unique spirit and style didn’t just make waves; they painted her as a captivating force, leaving an indelible mark in the dynamic realm of contemporary fashion.

Originating from Haiti, Cax confronted a significant hurdle at 14, battling both lung and rare bone cancer. A year later, an unsuccessful hip replacement prompted the amputation of her right leg, sparking the remarkable journey of embracing a prosthetic limb with unwavering courage and resilience.

How did Mama Cax come to terms with her prosthetic leg?

It disclosed that she used to keep her prosthetic leg a secret from everyone when she first started using it.

The model revealed to MSNBC that she had despair and had “literally just broken down” after the amputation procedure.

She remarked, “I think I stopped looking at my body for a good couple of weeks at that point.” For years, she would wrap long pants or gowns around her prosthetic leg and her amputated leg.

“I felt embarrassed about my appearance,” she muttered. I wanted no one to know that I had a prosthetic leg because they would eventually ask why I couldn’t walk normally. What would happen if I had to share my tale every chance I got, multiple times a day?

It didn’t have the self-assurance to wear short dresses and flaunt her prosthetic leg in a way that “reflects my personality” until she attended college.

Mama Cax began modeling when?

When Cax chose for a Wet ‘n Wild makeup ad in 2017, she launched her modeling career. She later signed with JAG Models, but not before disclosing that she had turn down by other agencies because she “did not look like the average model.”

“There were places that told me they weren’t interested, or there was no answer, or that I would be difficult to cast for a job, or that I didn’t look like the average model,” It said in an interview with HERE Magazine. In terms of size as well as physical type. Although it was difficult, this was not my ultimate objective. I simply said, “Well, let me give it a shot.” In case it fails, I have backup plans B, C, and D.

Nevertheless, she went on to become a major player in the fashion industry, modeling for companies like Savage x Fenty, ASOS, Olay, and Tommy Hilfiger. Alongside other models Jillian Mercado and Chelsea Werner who advocate for handicap rights, it was also featured on the cover of Teen Vogue in 2018.

Her most notable fashion moment occurred when she appeared in Chromat’s spring 2019 fashion show on the catwalk with an adorned prosthetic leg.”I was doing an event the other day with a lot of girls with limb differences and in wheelchairs,” she said to US Vogue at the time. It means a lot to them because they seldom see someone who resembles them on a magazine cover or a runway.

Mother Cax: Doodle on Google

Today’s colorful Doodle artwork by Lyne Lucien is an expression of her colorful life, showcasing her many parts of identity such as her NYC origins, her Haitian heritage, and her vocation in design, which incorporates prosthetics into the appearance. In honor of Black History Month and as a survivor of cancer, Cax was a well-known model and an advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities. Today’s Google Doodle honors the Haitian American model.  The drawing features Mama Cax, who was well-known for questioning accepted notions of beauty.

How did Mama Cax die?

Mother Cax passed away at the age of thirty due to blood clots found in her lungs. Before passing away on Monday, December 16, she was hospitalized for a week.

It would be an understatement to say that Cax was a fighter. According to a statement made by her family at the time. She had overcome cancer, so she was used to meeting life’s many obstacles head-on and overcoming them.


Within the fashion and cosmetics industries, Mama Cax was a trailblazing and inspirational figure. Who defied conventional ideas of beauty and representation. Her life narrative serves as a tribute to the human spirit’s tenacity and the ability of a person to triumph over misfortune and spur social change.

It revolutionized fashion, championing diversity. Her voice spoke for those with disabilities, leaving an unforgettable imprint as a trailblazer. Her legacy inspires the world breaking stereotypes, fostering inclusivity and empowerment for all.


Mama Cax, what happened to her?

At the age of 30, Cax passed away in London back in 2019.

What kind of impairment did Mama Cax have?

At just 14,  Cax faced a dual diagnosis of lung and bone cancer.

How did Mama cax lose her leg?

Her right leg was amputated after the hip replacement she had undergone failed.

Why is Google honoring Cax this way?

Cax’s contribution to the fashion industry’s inclusion.

For what is it well-known?

Cax was a prosthetic-limb-wearing influencer and beauty model of Haitian-American descent.

Explain Mama cax cause of death.

A pulmonary embolism; Mama Cax died in the hospital on December 16, 2019.