5 Travel Expenses You’ll Encounter on Your Next Vacation

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By Abubaker Rafiq

There’s nothing quite like getting away from it all for a few days or weeks. But if you’re planning a vacation, you don’t want to be surprised by extra expenses that weren’t in your vacation budget.

Read on to learn about five travel expenses that you’ll encounter on your next vacation!

1. Excursion Costs

While you might have mapped out an itinerary for your vacation, you might not have planned on excursions. And if there’s a snorkelling activity or rafting adventure that catches your eye, you don’t want to miss out. But you’ll need to prepare to spend more on it.

Make sure you budget for activities. Museum entrance fees, sports games, and guided tours all count as excursion costs that you don’t want to come as a surprise.

2. Meals

Don’t be stingy with your food budget when you’re on vacation. You may be traveling to a more expensive location where meals could cost more. Or food may not be included in the cost of even a more upscale resort.

And, given that you’re on vacation, you may just want to treat yourself to nicer meals or cocktails more often. Take a look at menus for restaurants in the area to get a sense of what typical dinners or lunches look like. And consider getting a hotel or condo with a kitchenette to save money.

3. Travel Costs

Some travel destinations may come with extra costs to get there or travel within a particular area. You may need to ride ferries or take smaller flights to reach different islands, for instance. Or you may need to pay fees to use public transportation.

You may need to rent a car, too. You’ll want to find a car rental service, like SaveMore Rent-A-Car Grand Cayman, where you’ll have an extensive inventory of car sizes to suit your needs.

4. Forgotten Items

Even when you’re diligent about making packing lists during vacation planning, it’s easy to forget things. If you’re planning to go out for a nice dinner, you might need a suit or dress. And If you forget the right attire, you’ll need to buy something appropriate at your vacation destination.

If you have kids, they might lose a jacket or toy. Or, even worse, your luggage may get lost. You’ll need to have enough money allocated to cover essential replacement items.

5. Emergency Needs

Nobody wants to get sick on vacation. But food poisoning, appendicitis, or other illnesses can wreak havoc on your fun experience.

You’ll want to be prepared to pay for the cost of seeking medical treatment in a different area. Check to see what out-of-network costs would look like in your travel destination. And know what to expect if you’re traveling out of the country.

Plan on Extra Travel Expenses

Travel expenses can add up if you’re not careful. Plan on budgeting for excursions and unique travel needs during your trip. Additionally, it’s wise to set aside money to cover replacing lost items or pay for emergency health treatments.

Find more vacation planning tips. Check back soon for new articles!